Pearly is an exquisite singer who has sung a wide range of exotic music styles that has seen her give lively and thoughtful performances all over Australia. Pearly's interest in the extremes of emotion and vocal technique has led her to explore many challenging types of singing including Flamenco, Bulgarian, and Latin forms, not to mention an almost unhealthy love of prog rock.

Original and new music is close to Pearly's heart. She has had the great fortune over the years to work with some of Australia's most gifted and innovative composers, infusing their unique songs with passion and intelligent interpretation. Many of these collaborative projects have gone on to produce beautiful albums, capturing special musical moments in time.

Pearly continues her work in new music as well as putting her own inimitable mark on classic standard repertoire in jazz, world music, pop and country gospel.
So Far...
So Far...
A retrospective spanning fifteen years of recordings which feature remarkably eclectic diva, Pearly Black. Fertile collaborations with truly unique songwriters and virtuoso musicians gives us a lush musical journey.

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