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The Black Cherry
Our mission

Black Cherry Record Store exists to preserve the life of great music; to ensure that people can still access these rare, strange, beautiful, or largely unattainable musical gems that might otherwise disappear.

In our experience, so many tremendous bands record albums that deserve much greater exposure than they receive. Sometimes a single pressing might be sold at gigs and never repressed despite demand; sometimes the band breaks up or moves on to new things and there is no incentive to promote the older material; sometimes it simply isn't commercially viable to manufacture and distribute the recordings.

These are the kind of albums that you will find at Black Cherry. Downloadable music costs nothing to manufacture, there's no problem with storage space, and it costs next-to-nothing to distribute. And it's worth stocking even if the market is very limited.

Have a look around (and a listen). Because Black Cherry is not profit-driven, we only stock music that we think is fantastic. Most of the Black Cherry musicians are full-time professional musicians; you have probably heard them play as members of other bands, or in other guises, perhaps without realising it. Some are still performing with other CDs to sell. Some of the bands would have been considered locally famous, or perhaps famous in the independent scene for a short period of time. All are worthy of a perusal - a grand discovery may await you.

Oh, and the music is dead cheap. Did I mention Black Cherry Records isn't about profit? These recordings come from people who would rather share their music with people cheaply than have it (metaphorically) gathering dust on the shelves. The main game is to make available great music that you would not be able to get your ears on any other way.


All the music (not just samples of each song) is available for you to listen to before you buy. You can play the entire album if you like. There's no risk.

The songs are delivered as mp3 files, encoded at 320kbps - this is very high quality, undetectable compared with a regular CD. (The previews are low-quality mp3 files, 96kbps, intended for better streaming play).

The downloadable albums are packed in zip files. Within the zip, the filenames are standardised as "Artist Name - TrackNo - Track Title". The files are also "tagged" correctly so all the album information will show on your iPod or other playing device. The information includes Artist Name, Album Name, Track Number, Title, and Year.

Importantly, Black Cherry use no DRM (digital rights management). This means that there are no restrictions to how you use your music. You can transfer from computer to computer and burn to CD. There is no risk that Black Cherry will close or that you buy a new computer and cannot play your music any more. The music is still copyrighted so we encourage you not to copy the music for other people - please support Black Cherry and the artists by recommending to your friends that they download their own copy. After all, it's dead cheap!

Payment and security

Black Cherry uses PayPal as our e-commerce provider. This means that all financial transactions are performed securely on the PayPal server. You don't need to worry about the risks of dealing with a small business.

You do not need to have a PayPal account. You can choose to pay with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and more) although PayPal still handles these transactions.

All but $2.00 of the price you pay goes to the artist. The $2.00 is used by Black Cherry to cover the costs of the hosting, the bandwidth, and the PayPal transactions.


All material in the Black Cherry Record Store is available as downloadable files. We do not have plans to deal with physical CDs.

Immediately after the transaction is processed, you will be able to download your product. Your link will be active for 3 days and you be allowed to make up to 3 attempts to download the file. (If you experience difficulties greater than this, please contact us and we'll ensure that we find a way for you to access it).

The album files are around 100Mb in size, sometimes more (so dial-up accounts may not be suitable).


Black Cherry has no interest in collecting, analysing, sharing, or selling your personal information. Unfortunately, because we have to supply details to PayPal for the payment system, we do need to collect information such as your name and address - this is stored securely in our database but will not be used for any purpose other than to deliver the music that you are buying. If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, we will use your email address to notify you of new releases.

Thanks for listening,

Boss Lady + Stock Boy
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