Pearly Black
So Far...

So Far...


This retrospective spans fifteen years of recordings upon which Pearly is a featured artist. The styles and genres covered here are incredibly broad - almost too broad - but the unifying element of Black's rich voice and unique interpretation ties them together seamlessly.

Pearly has been fortunate to work with some of Australia's most innovative and gifted composers, each of whom has identified her unique gift for channelling original work. The collaborations have lead to great recordings that hum with virtuostic performances by some of our most accomplished musicians. With this collection of remarkable songs Pearly will lead you through unique worlds of tenderness and complexity.

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All the albums represented in this collection are available in their entirety here at THE BLACK CHERRY RECORD STORE.

Preview tracks

flash/javascript? 01 Desire
flash/javascript? 02 A Day In The Park
flash/javascript? 03 Queen Of Hearts
flash/javascript? 04 I'm Coming Home
flash/javascript? 05 Cherubim
flash/javascript? 06 Seven
flash/javascript? 07 The Ultimate Prize
flash/javascript? 08 Meg Purdy
flash/javascript? 09 Are You Wearing Despair
flash/javascript? 10 Trustworthy Birds
flash/javascript? 11 Poison Tango
flash/javascript? 12 I'm On My Way

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Listening notes: These preview files are low quality versions (96kbps) of the files you will purchase (320kbps). When listening to the previews, you need to "stop" playing one song before playing another.



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